About Growing Positive Futures

Dr Rebecca Mount

Clinical Psychologist, UK registered

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My experience:

2002 - 2005, Clinical Psychologist in Training

2005, Qualified as a Clinical Psychologist

2005 - 2019, Worked in NHS and for Local Government Services in UK for children and families

2011- current, Independent Practice Clinical Psychologist 

2020- current, Associate Lecturer in Psychology, University of Worcester, UK

My qualifications:

- BSc (Hons) in Psychology (University of Reading)

- PhD in Psychology (University College London)

- Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (University of Birmingham)

- Mum (10 years)

- Wife (12 years)

The British Psychological Society has awarded me Chartered Psychologist status and I am a Registered Practitioner Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council (registration number PYL18943).


I hold an Associate Lecturer position at The University of Worcester, contributing to teaching on their undergraduate Psychology degree course.


I am registered with the Disclosure and Barring update Service for the enhanced check for children and adults and I have professional indemnity insurance. 

My Philosophy

All children can experience times of confusion, fear, despair, be troubled or show troubling behavior. The starting point to helping is gaining a good understanding of what is going on - to answer the question "is there anything to be concerned about here, and if so what can be do to help?". 

I focus on helping children aged between 5 and 12 years. You may ask, why this are range?  This age span contains many important life stages including: 

  • starting school

  • learning how to make and keep friends

  • developing a range of academic skills

  • developing own interests and hobbies

  • transitioning to high school

  • moving into the pre-teen years 

During this time children actively consider and start to form opinions about themselves, other people and the world at large. Experiences contribute to the self-esteem, confidence and resilience they will take forward into adolescence and the rest of their lives.    

For all children we would wish this to be a time of joy and exploration. Of course there will be times when things are challenging or upsetting, for example:

  • when they first fail at something

  • when they fall out with a friend

  • when someone is unkind

  • when something traumatic happens.


At this age, children experience challenges like these within their family and school settings. You as the child's parents, alongside others like staff at school are the key helpers. Often the support and love provided this is going to be enough, sufficient to help your children understand, face and positively overcome any challenges. 

However, where challenges do persist and you as a parent are left confused as to what to do, that is where I can help. To provide sound psychologically informed advice and support to enable you and your child to overcome challenge, to grow their self-esteem, confidence and resilience for a positive future.  

Dr Beck x