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Hi, I'm Dr Rebecca Mount, Clinical Psychologist and founder of Blooming-Teens. I am passionate about helping teens to break free of anxiety so they can positively engage in their lives and achieve the goals that are important to them.
My hope is that all young people are able to go forward with a degree of self-confidence and resilience that enables them to manage the bumps in the road which will undoubtedly come their way. I also offer support and advice to parents to learn how to best support their child on this journey.  

I am a Mum of three and I know how worrying and frustrated it can be when you think there is something up with your child but you are not sure what, why or how to help. 

In the teenage years struggling with anxiety can look like a range of different things including avoiding places, people or activities, being unmotivated, claiming they are "not bothered", being irritable and lashing out, having headaches, sickness or other aches and pain which don't seem to be linked to a physical illness. 

Sadly once it has taken hold, anxiety tends to not go away on it's own. So, if you are worried about your teen and don't know how to help or where to turn for advice and support, please get in touch via email or the contact form below to see how I can help you. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook - just click the buttons at the top or bottom of the page.  
Dr Rebecca Mount
Clinical Psychologist

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” One day you'll look back and realise how hard it was, and just how well you did"

 ― The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse,

                                                     Charlie Mackesy

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Hi, I’m Dr Rebecca Mount

A Clinical Psychologist. Passionate about giving young people and their parents the knowledge and skills to maintain good mental health in the final high school years and beyond.  

I remember my GCSE years being stressful for both me and my parents. It can be a tricky time to handle; to find the balance and focus across school demands including exam preparation, time with friends, family, leisure and hobbies. It can start to feel overwhelming and sadly anxiety and depression can result. I have spend over 20 years working in mental health services for young people; helping them to understand and overcome anxiety and other struggles. I feel it is really important to offer help before it gets to this point as anxiety and depression symptoms get in the way of young people being able to achieve and reach their potential during this time. Challenges can also lead to tension within families as parents shrive to encourage and support but struggle to impact positively against the pull of independence.   

My aim is to help parents and young people to understand and build on their strengths in order to meet the challenges of this time with self-confidence and resilience. I share relevant resources and articles and offer an online courses; all informed by the latest psychological research, knowledge and interventions. My hope is that acquiring these skills at this time will put young people in a strong position to face life's challenges. I wish someone had told me the stuff I know now when I was a teenager. 

Making me smile this month...

- the end of term
- less ironing for six weeks (no school uniforms)
- planning how to spend more time with family
- getting out and about in nature
- generally having a more relaxed time (and breakfasts)

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