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Welcome to my online psychology service developed to help primary school age children and pre-teens to understand and manage their feelings and behaviours

Hi, I am Dr Beck a Mum of three children and a Clinical Psychologist working in independent practice in the UK. I know that frequent emotional outbursts, worries, upset, stroppy, defiant and not listening behaviour can lead to problems at school and home. They can lead to fraught relationships and a tense family atmosphere making everyday life confusing, overwhelming, difficult and sadly miserable for children and parents. 

Why I am passionate about helping children aged between 5 and 12 years and their parents?

Well, this is an important time in children lives when they actively consider and start to form opinions about themselves, other children and adults and the world in general. Experiences and how children manage these contribute to the levels of self-esteem, confidence and resilience children take forward into their teen years and the rest of their lives. When challenges come up and they are causing problems at home or school, getting the right support quickly is important. Children reply heaving on the relationship with their parents at this age and so I believe involving parents is key to helping   

My aim

To provide a range of high quality online resources (articles, tool kits, workshops and programmes) informed by psychology to support children who are struggling with their emotions and behaviours when they need it. I want to help children, supported by their parents, to overcome difficulites, grow self-esteem and confidence for a positive future.   

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About me

Hi, I'm Dr Beck , Clinical Psychologist 

I am a Mum of three children aged 10, 8 and 4 years. I know what it is like to have concerns or worries about your child and what it is like to feel unsure (yeah, I feel that way too). I am also a registered Clinical Psychologist in the UK and have worked for nearly 20 years with children and families to understand what is going on and to offer advice and support to make things better. 

A few of my Mum friends know what I do for a job and over the years have asked me for advice, often along the lines of "should I be worried or concerned" or "what should I do about....". I have often noticed how they are reluctant and a bit apologetic when asking probably because of some embarrassment felt. Parents shouldn't feel embarrassed to reach out for help, having concerns and doubt is a normal part of being a parent and I am always happy to offer advice and signpost to helpful books and resources. 

This got me to thinking that there must be lots of parents out there feeling concerned, not knowing who to ask or were to turn for good, solid understanding and advice. This is what prompted me to start Growing Positive Futures with Dr Beck.


My aim is to expand my clinical practice beyond my office and move into the online space to help and support more parents and their children to overcome any behavioral, emotional and mental health challenges. I am passionate about helping children aged between 5 and 12 years.     


Support Available from Dr Beck

If you are concerned about the emotions or behaviour your child is expressing please check out my online services.     

The free Growing Positive Futures private Facebook group  (hosted by me) offers a community for parents with children aged 5-12 years who are seeking general psychological advice and support.

On the blog page you will find FREE articles with helpful information, general hints and tips of how to think about and approach some common concerns about children's behaviours and emotions. 

On the blog page you will also find a range of Dr Beck's Toolkits. These are resources that are FREE to DOWNLOAD and are designed for you to use with your child to help with some common concerns e.g. helping children to beat their worries. 

I offer workshops and programmes for children and parents with the aim of working directly to address key behavioural and emotional challenges. Please keep and eye out for upcoming events on this website.


I offer a range of direct assessment and therapeutic services for children, teens and parents. These services are described on my Access Child Psychology website where you can also book online for a telephone consultation (free) or initial appointment.   

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What Supported People Say

"Beck went above and beyond to build a relationship with my child. She quickly learned how to read her and the sessions were built around my daughters individual needs. Highly recommend."

Jenny - mom to a once very anxious child

"I felt that my son was listened to, Beck was always calm and reassuring to us both and my son had techniques that he continues to use. We feel that if any other issues arise we can contact her again and that is a real comfort for a parent. Thank you so much for helping my son."


"I was very happy with the service provided by Rebecca and felt very comfortable discussing my concerns."