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- GCSE stress -
Targeted online session

Session with Dr Mount, Clinical Psychologist to help understand and manage stress and learn strategies to maintain a positive focus 

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Session with Dr Rebecca Mount,
Clinical Psychologist and Proprietor of Access Child Psychology

With the GCSE season underway has your child become: 

- worried and anxious?

- started to feel overwhelmed?

- struggling to focus on revision and exams?

- saying they have "blown it anyway, what's the point"?

- saying they might as well give up, forget it?

These are all signs of stress and anxiety. It is NOT TOO LATE to learn strategies to manage this and regain a positive focus.


Within a individually tailored one hour-long session your child will learn:

- to notice and understand why and when anxiety and worry pop up

- strategies they can use right now to not be bothered by the negative thoughts and worries

- ways to cope with stress so they can focus on what is important to them

In this individually tailored session we will cover


How do the sessions work and how to do book?   

  • You can book a session online by clicking the button below.

  • This will take you to the slots I have available and so you can pick one that is suitable for your child.

  • Check if your child is interested, then perhaps book a slot together so they can consider when would be the best time for them.

  • All sessions will be held online using zoom.

  • Once the session is booked you will be sent the zoom link.

  • All  you need to do is click on the link at the time of the appointment and I will see you online.

  • The cost of the session is £150. 

Important Note

  • This is not a clinical service for children with severe anxiety or stress. 

  • It is designed to be a well-being service for children you are struggling to specifically manage GCSE related stress only.

  • If your child is struggling with severe anxiety or stress please consider contacting me for a more in-depth conversation and service. You can emailing me directly or fill out the contact form. You can also seek help from your GP. 


  • I guarantee that by attending this session your child will learn:

    • how and why anxiety and stress are affecting them now

    • effective skills to manage this

    • how to maintain a positive focus for their revision and exams. 

  • If your child does not feel they have benefited at all, following the session I will offer you a full refund. 

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