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with Dr Rebecca Mount,

Clinical Psychologist 

Learn that it really is possible to break away from the hold of anxiety.


How long have you been reassuring your teen, telling them it will be okay and encouraging them to go forward by reminding them they can do it only to be met with “I just can’t”?

How long have you felt frustrated, worried and lost about what to try next?

If you’ve been trying to reassure and encourage and have struggled to get anywhere, you have probably been hitting up again your teens anxiety. This can have the knock-on effect of making the relationship with your teen really tricky and fraught.

So many parents bang their head against a wall for months, wondering what they are missing, what else can they try as their teen’s life gets smaller and smaller. Should they reach out for support from school, the GP, the child and adolescent mental health services knowing that resources and scarce and waiting lists are long. Thinking, it is not that bad, it is bound to improve, and then sadly find it does not.

If your teen’s life is starting to shrink and what you are trying is not working, you may well be caught in the cycle of anxiety.


In this webinar we will cover

When you join Tuesday’s class, you’ll hear me talk about the 3 major mistakes the parents make.


I’ll take you through the strategies that WORK.


Plus, I’ll show you how it’s possible to break away from the hold of anxiety now and in this process learn valuable emotional management skills for the future using my 4P method.


Can’t wait!


Dr Beck x

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