Are you looking for solid practical ideas and strategies to help your worried child?

To be able to understand your child's worries and know how to support them to cope.

To know what to do in the moment when fear takes hold.

That is why you're are looking for support 

Back from School

Have you noticed yourself thinking "my child seemed so different and was somehow happier in the holidays?".

Is anxiety or worry getting in the way of them going to school in a confident and happy way?

Are mornings becoming fraught as you try to encourage but your child isn't responding? They love being at home and are thrilled to get back at the end of the day. You hope they will be better tomorrow but you find the worries return at bedtime and the morning is again is sadly difficult. 

Are you struggling to know what to do?
Do you continue to reassure and encourage, offer them incentives or let them know they will miss out on things if they can't get ready for school in time or get to sleep? These things aren't helping? In fact things seems to be getting worse? 

Is you child primary school age and is worry starting to get in the way of their life? 


Are you ready to learn tried and tested psychologically informed ways to help? 

Early in the school term is the perfect time to get the right support for your worried child. 

Now you have recognised the problem, you want to nip it in the bud. To offer your child support that help using an approach that will strengthen rather than damage your relationship. 

Worries and fear can lead to avoidance and this in turn can make them grow. You obviously don't want that to happen and so now is the perfect time to learn positive and helpful ways to support your child.

Mother and Son

You are invited to a live group workshop for a small number of parents with Dr Beck, Clinical Psychologist

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Take the opportunity to gain direct advice from a Clinical Psychologist to understand and learn how to help your child with their worries

During the first few weeks of term is the perfect time learn knowledge and skills to nip your child's worries in the bud and grow their confidence to manage in the future.  

Increase your understanding of worry and anxiety

Understanding is key to helping your child manage their concerns. 

You will learn what worry and anxiety are and how these can effect your child giving you a much better idea of what is going on for them and how this feels. 

We will think about how your child may feel emotionally, what thoughts they might have, how this may make them feel inside their body and how it can effect their behaviour. 

We will also consider the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic as it has certainly increase the sense of uncertainty and worry for many of us including our children.

Learn strategies that will help your child handle their worries

You will learn simple child-friendly strategies that psychologists use which will enable you to get to the bottom of your child's worries and concerns.


You will learn general strategies you can use in to help your child manage their concerns so they can build their confidence to the things they need to do in life including going to school.

You will also learn things that you can do in the moment when worries and anxiety start such as in the morning before school or when trying to get to sleep the night before. 

Learn how to help your child to grow their confidence to manage attending school

School Children

You will learn how to help your and your child notice their achievements so they can build their confidence going forward. 

We will consider the things you can do to further build their confidence so they are able to handle a wide range of worries and go forward positively in their lives .

Tackling Worries Workshop with Dr Beck
Thursday 23rd September 
@ 10.00 am - 12.00 pm (British Summer Time)

Designed to help primary school aged children 

One and a half hour zoom workshop with a Clinical Psychologist (value £180) that covers: 

What is anxiety and worry?

How anxiety and worry can effect your child 

The role of the current pandemic

Why the start of the year can be tricky

How to talk to your child about their worries

Strategies that you can use with your child before to address worries

Strategies to use of the day when worries arise for your child

Things you can do to grow confidence to manage despite any worries

30 minutes for participant questions and answers (value £60)

The group will be deliberately small (maximum 15) and so there will be a chance for all participants to ask questions and consider how the information relates to your child and situation. 


Handouts that you can download to use with your child to discuss and and develop strategies to manage their particular concerns (value £50).  

Tickets go on sale 12th September 2021 via Eventbrite

This is small group workshop - only 15 tickets are available 

Price = £49

When you sign up to the Tackling Worries Workshop, you'll get: 

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Tackling Worries Workshop

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  • Live workshops and recordings so that you can go back and revisit the information anytime.

  • Q&A and individualised feedback to get tailored guidance for the concerns you have about your child. 

  • Practical strategies you can use to approach and help your child overcome their worries and grow their confidence.

  • Handouts and worksheets that you can download to use with your child. These will enable you to put the strategies learnt in the workshop into practice. 


Forest Trees

Dr Beck's Guarantee

I will offer you a no quibble total refund if you come along to the workshop and you do not feel you have gained useful knowledge and skills to help your child with particular their worries and concerns about starting a new school term


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