Free Download - Dr Beck's Tool Kit to help children beat their worries

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Worries are thoughts that can lead to children feeling scared and anxious. Although this feeling is a completely normal reaction it can be horrible. It can make children feel sicky, sweaty and have “butterflies in their tummy”. Because the feeling is horrible, children want to feel better and can start to move away from the thing that is causing this horrible feeling. For example, if children feel worried about going to group activities, the horrible feeling can lead them to start saying they no longer want to go to cubs or their dance class.

As a parent we often say things like:

“come on, there is nothing to worry about”

“everything will be fine, you are just a bit nervous”

“okay we won’t go today, we can try again next week”


Help you child understand their worries.

Learn simple strategies your child can use to manage their worries.

Build your child's confidence to continue to do the things they need or want to do in life despite any worries they are experiencing.

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